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Make Up Artist Manchester – 5 Minute Make Up Removal Masterclass!

When it comes to your nightly skincare routine, sometimes you can get into bad habits! When you just want to jump into bed rather than spending any time removing your make up. However it is important because it can bring unwanted side effects such as blemish break outs and eye infections caused by old make up particles getting in the eye.

So, as a make up artist in Manchester here is my 5 minute make up removal Masterclass to help you wake up freshed faced!

1, Start with your eye make up

Oily eye make up removers such as No7 ‘ Cleanse and Care Eye Make Up Removal’ (£7) are fab as they get rid of even tough waterproof Mascara. Damp a Cotton wool pad with cool water and put some of the eye make up remover onto it. Place the pad onto your eye and apply light pressure,  leave it there for 3o seconds, gently wipe away and your eye make up will be gone

2. Next – Cleanse and Tone

Rub some of the cleanser between your hands and massage it into your face using upwards motions and w ash it off with cool water. Next use a toner to remove all traces of the cleanser and prepare your skin for your moisturiser.

3, Finally – Moisturise

Night creams are very important because they norish your skin while you sleep, again rub the moisturiser into your hands and massage it into your skin using upwards and outwards motions. I like Simple Regeneration ‘Age Resisting Night Renewal Cream’ (£6.49) because it has no perfume in it and is reasonably priced.

That was easy wasn’t it? Good Night! x

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