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Beautiful Brows – Make Up Artist Grooming Tips

Before i create a make up look one of the first things most clients say to me is sorry about my brows. If your nervous about getting your brows waxed or threaded by a professional make up artist and they just need tidying up here are a few quick reminders before plucking.

  1. Your brows should start above the inner corner of the eye
  2. The highest point of the eye should arch at the outer corner of the eye
  3. The brows should extend to the outside edge of your eye
  4. Pluck when you are make up free and in day light. Use brow powder to sketch in your perfect shape, which will help you to only remove stray hairs. Pluck each hair one at a time
  5. Use a brow brush to let the hairs lie flat then step back to check you haven’t missed any

Make sure you clean your tweezers afterwards by rinsing them with warm water and use an antibacterial wipe ready for next time. To maintain the shape of your brows pluck every two weeks.

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