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Bridal Makeup And Eyelash Extensions Aftercare

Wedding season is here and i’ve been busy with bridal makeup trial bookings. I’ve been asked alot recently about eyelash extensions and how to care for them so I thought i’d write a short peice with some usedul tips…..

Eyelash extensions are applied in salons by specially trained therapists. Individual synthetic lashes are carefully bonded to your existing lashes. They last around 8 weeks and will naturally drop out, you can go back to the salon to replace the ones you have lost.

  1. For the first 24 hours after getting lash extensions, the adhesive is still setting – so don’t touch them or get them wet
  2. Be gentle, avoid rubbing your eyes, you may pull out your natural lashes
  3. If you use make up products around your eyes ensure there oil-free.
  4. Don’t perm or curl your lashes and avoid mascara as this will shortern the life
  5. Keep your eye area clean to prevent eye infection

If possible try to get a friend or family memeber to recommend a therapist and have a patch test completed a minimum of 24 hours before.  For more advice check out BABTAC.

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