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Makeup Artists To Use Only Ethical Products By 2013

The EU ban on animal testing on makeup is something that I feel very strongly about. In January last year I wrote a post after reading about a new technology, which should help put a stop to companies in the beauty industry testing their product ingredients on animals, to read the full post click here.

Vegan actress Alicia Silverstone has sent a letter to the European Union suggesting they uphold a marketing ban that was set in motion 8 years ago. As from 11 March 2013, no cosmetic product containing an ingredient that has been tested for the purposes of the Directive using animals after this date will be allowed for sale in Europe, irrespective of whether or not an alternative test is available.

As a professional make up artist in Manchester I am conscious of the ingredients that are in the products that I use on my clients and I feel proud that in the UK animal testing has not taken place on both cosmetic products (since 1997) and their ingredients (since 1998) and I hope that the ban is enforced on time.

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