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How To Achieve Long Lasting Wedding Make Up

If your creating your own wedding make up it’s really important that it stays in place right through from your ceremony to reception. Here are a few techniques you can use to create a long lasting finish.

  1. First apply a primer suitable for your skin type or to disguise skin imperfections for instance, a green colour calming base to reduce redness.
  2. Next focus on your eye make up to ensure you won’t spoli your make up base. Using an eye base will help to keep your eyeshadow on so it’s worth investing in one.
  3. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner are a must, use a smudger to hide a harsh line.
  4. If your having a spray tan check your shade still matches your skin tone. Applying foundation with a brush helps to achieve even coverage all over and the key product to remember is powder to set your foundation and concealor
  5. The best way to ensure your lipstick doesn’t fade after an hour is to use one coat of lipstick, blend with a lipliner, followed by another coat of lipstick.

Practise leading up to the wedding to ensure your stress free on the day & keep cotton buds nearby to tidy up any mistakes.

Have a fanastic time! x

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