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Use Makeup To Conceal Dark Under-Eye Circles

Dark circles can be caused by tiredness, ageing, genetics, lack of nutrients or the effects of the sun. If you suffer from dark circles. Disquising them is quick and easy when you know how, simply follow these tips.

1, Don’t use a foundation around your eyes as it is too heavy for your delicate under eye area. Instead go to your favourite makeup counter and ask them to show you their under eye concealor. They are usually liquid and come packaged like a pen with a brush on the end

2, The shades match pink or yellow skin tones, the right one for you should be slightly lighter than your foundation

3, Apply with a concealor brush into the corner of your eye and down onto the under eye area nearest to your nose. Do not use it for the whole under eye area as it will look like a white semi-circle. The concealors have light reflecting properties in them which hide the appearance of dark circles

4, Pat the concealor in, do not rub as this can cause puffiness and dragging it will damage the skin, since it is very thin

4, Set the concealor with a pressed powder, skip this step if you are concerned it will settle into fine lines.

Hope this helps x

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