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How To Create Realistic Gory Scar Wounds This Halloween!

If you fancy doing something different and going all out with your halloween make up looks this year. One of the best ways is to create scar wounds.

The most cost effective method is to use liquid latex, which is made of rubber, ammonia and water. It comes in a wide range of colours. It’s been around for years and as a makeup artist in Manchester I’ve used it many times, ensure that you don’t use it if you think you might be allergic to latex. If you’ve never bought it before, you should be able to get hold of it in most fancy dress shops or online. There are various types of scars I’ve put togeher a few hints and tips on how to create a quick indented scar, which can occur as a result of acne or chicken poxs.

5 Easy Steps To Create An Indented Halloween Scar

  1. Decide where you want your scar to be, i usually paint some latex onto the skin on my clients cheek with a cotton bud
  2. Allow the latex to dry, depending on the room temperature it should dry within 2 minutes
  3. Pinch the skin together, allowing the latex to stick to itself and form a scar.
  4. Next apply loose translucent power
  5. Finally add a darker shade of foundation to your skin tone and a few drops of red food colouring for the full effect

You can find more information here, in the mean time have a frightful halloween!

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