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Jigsaw Halloween Make Up Tips

Halloween is just around the corner, get ready to be artistic and become gory or frighening. There are plenty of zombies, witches and corpse brides around this time of year. As a makeup artist in Manchester I thought I’d go for a different look without prosthetics this year to reduce the expense.

Here’s What You’ll Need For The Jigsaw Look

  1. Eyeshadow and face primer
  2. White watercolour
  3. Black kohl liner
  4. Black liquid liner
  5. Red, white, black and grey eye shadow
  6. Red lipliner and lipstick
  7. Powder or body paint fixer
  8. Tools, sponge, two eyeshadow brushes and a lip brush

10 Steps To Help You Create This Look

  1. Apply eye primer and face primer to ensure the make up sticks and lasts all night
  2. Use a damp sponge to apply your white water colour, layer it until it’s opague and fill in any patches
  3. Apply black water colour or black eyeliner to both of your eyes on your lid and below your eye. To add depth use black eyeshadow and blend it out with a clean eyeshadow brush
  4. Highlight your brow bone with a white eye shadow
  5. If you have a red eyeshadow blend it on the edges of the black eyshadow and blend a grey shadow down your nose
  6. Apply black mascara and the kohl black liner to your inner and upper water line
  7. To create the swirls first smile in a mirror use the same grey eye shadow to trace a faint line
  8. Then go over it with a red lipliner, you can make it bold as you get more confident, elongate at the outer corner
  9. Draw a black line using a thin liquid liner brush from the corner of your mouth to meet your chin
  10. Set with a translucent powder or fixing spray

If you’re not inspired by this, you could go as a dead doll or Cruella de Ville is one of my favourites, Happy Halloween!

By Emmalene Sophia

Emmalene is a professional makeup artist based in Didsbury, South Manchester. She provides makeup for brides, wedding guests, TV, photoshoots and special occasions, you can find her at Google+, Twitter or Facebook. To book Emmalene, click here.

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