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Lippy Ladies – Lead In Make Up Doesn’t Cause Cancer

A family member forwarded an email to me at the weekend which said it was from a Dr. Nahid Neman who works in the Breast Cancer unit at the Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto. The email claimed that some cosmetic brands are selling lipsticks containing lead and it can cause cancer. As a Make up artist in Manchester I thought it was really important to share the information with you as I was shocked at what I read, the email circulating is a prank. There are always rumours that spread claiming deodorant and ingredients in make up can cause cancer and it simple isn’t true.


“The UK has strict laws about the production of cosmetic products. Manufacturers cannot sell a new product to the public before it has been safety tested. An organisation called The Cosmetic Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA) provides information about regulation of cosmetics in the UK. Lead is banned from all cosmetics, apart from hair dyes” (Cancer Research Uk)

Next time you go shopping for make up and you see an ingredient on a label that concerns you, check out CTPA cosmetic regulations here. x

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