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Look Gorgeous On Boxing Day (Even With a Hangover!)

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. If you had few too many drinks and your not feeling your best, here are make up artist tips you can use to help you feel and look great.

1, Pamper yourself with a face mask to rehydrate and give your skin a boast

2, Dot a light reflecting concealor into the corners of your eyes to disquise red areas and dark cirlces

3, Apply lilac eyeshadow as this will brighten tired eyes. Blend with a highlighter up to your brow bone using circular motions.

4, Dip your powder brush into a bronzor. Shake some of it off and give your face a natural wash of colour on your cheeks, forehead and nose

5, Finish with a lip balm such as Carmex to plump up and moisturise your lips

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