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Make Up Artist Manchester – Top 6 Tips For Fresh Looking Make Up On Long Haul Flights

If your off on holiday this month, it’s important to prepare your skin before your flight, look after it during and rejuvenate afterwards. For the easy way to do all this, follow my 6 simple make up artist tips for beautiful skin and long lasting flawless make up during and after your flight:

  1. Use a face mask the day before as air travel sucks moisture out of your skin
  2. On the day, use a primer to create a smooth base, this will also help your foundation to stay on longer
  3. Buy a light reflecting concealor to disquise dark circles to freshen up your make up base
  4. Apply a waterproof Mascara as this is less likely to smudge, especially if you fall asleep
  5. Remove lipstick or gloss completely before reapplying, rather than layering on another coat as this can cause flaking
  6. Spritz your face with a mist during the flight (from a distance to ensure it doesn’t spoil your make up!) – this will keep your skin hydrated

Follow these tips and you’ll have nothing to declare but healthy skin and perfect make up! Oh and remember to drink plenty of water as this can stop your skin looking pale and ashy.

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