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Top Eye Make Up Tips To Create Winged Liquid Eyeliner

Winged Eyeliner looks stunning and is perfect if you want to recreate a fifties or sixties look. It does take a little bit of practise to get the ticks symmetrical and create a straight line. As a make up artist in Manchester i know all you need is a steady hand and a few top tips to help you get started;

  1. Firstly start with your eye make and an eyebase to ensure you have a smooth eyelid
  2. Go for a good quality eyeliner such as No7 ‘Stay Perfect Liquid Eyeliner’ (£8.75) which has an ultra-fine brush, isn’t watery and is hypoallergenic so shouldn’t irritate your eyes
  3. Brush the eyeliner on the back of your hand to remove any clumps
  4. Pull your eyelid tight, this allows you to be more precise with your application
  5. Steady your hand by leaning your elbow on a flat service and apply the eyeliner along your lash line as close to your lashes as possible in one sweeping motion. Stop at the end and to create the wing draw a curved line, you can go over it for a more dramatic effect
  6. Pull up your lid to make sure there are no gaps and step away from the mirror to see your handy work. If you have made a mistake wipe it away with a cotton bud

Check out Marilyn Monroe, she always pulled off amazing black winged eyeliner and the illusion of luscious thick lashes! x

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