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Make Up Artist Tester Warnings & Advise When Shopping For Make Up!

I read a story this week about a waitress who has claimed that she contracted herpes from a MAC lipstick endorsed by Rihanna at one of the singer’s concerts. Starkeema Greenidge, 28, developed mouth sores after a MAC Cosmetics representative applied the ‘RiRi Woo’ lipstick on her at a pop-up counter as she attended a show in Brooklyn, New York.According to Greenidge, when she asked if the lipstick tester was clean, the woman replied, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Two days later, Greenidge developed a cold sore on her lip and her doctor diagnosed it as herpes. She is now suing MAC, which launched Rihanna’s lipstick in May, after she suffered emotional distress and a loss of earnings.

Make Up Tester Warnings

There are potential dangers of trying make up testers because they can become contaminated with bacteria and viruses which can cause you to potentially contract infections, break outs or herpes. As a Make Up Artist in Manchester I know how important hygeine is, I always use antibacterial wash and brush cleaner in front of a client to reassure them that my brushes are clean. I wouldn’t use a lipstick from the bullet and I always use two disposible mascara wands to avoid dippling and lipgloss applicators at all times. I shop in department stores and always want to try a product before I apply it to check the pigment quality and the shade. However I wouldn’t apply a lipstick or eyeliner without seeing it sanatised first and the eyeliner sharpened. I would also advise that you never test a product if the counter looks dirty or if you had just seen a customer apply it.

never test a lipstick straight from the bullet

5 Tips On How To Play It Safe Before Trying A Make Up Tester

  1. When I worked a make up counter we used to scrape the top of the lipstick off every night, check for signs of this
  2. Powders and eye shadows are least likely to become contaminated because there not moist, you can still brush the top layer off lightly with a tissue for peace of mind.
  3. Shop in the morning as the counter and products will have been cleaned the night before and there won’t have been lots of people touching it,
  4. Unless you’re getting a shade match for foundation/concealor I recommend that you test the product on the back of your hand
  5. Ensure the make up artist uses a hand sanitiser before applying any products with their fingers,
  6. Avoid testing skincare products if they don’t have a lid and ask for a sample so you can try it at home.

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