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Make Up Artist Manchester Tips To Maintain Luscious Lashes

Surprise, surprise, I love creating long fluttery eyelashes using eye make up, I think it’s so important to look after your eyelashes as they can really open up the eye and give you a stunning result. Over the years as a make up artist Manchester clients have often asked me for the best formula for killer lashes, it took me a while to discover it but I got there in the end and it’s all down to these 5 easy steps:

  1. Avoid using eyelash curlers especially after you have applyed your Mascara as it can cause lashes to break and fall out
  2. Use a lash primer to protect your lashes, but avoid ones with fragrances and fumes which can irrate the eyes
  3. Apply a non waterproof Mascara, as it is less stubborn to take off
  4. Get into the habit of removing your eyemake up each night, to condition and prepare them for the following day
  5. Try a Eyelash enhancer, which may strenghten and promote longer lashes. There are many on the market such as RapidLash Serum, which is clinically proven and available in Boots (£39.99)

Follow these steps and I reckon you’ll have some beautiful lashes to complement any look, if you know any other tips or hints, pop them in the comments and share the love!

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