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Make Up On Kids – Right or Wrong?

There was an article in the Sun Newspaper today with the headline ‘Should Kids Play With Make up?’ If you haven’t read it yet, it’s about Celebrity kids wearing make up. In it there are photo’s of Princess Tiaamii (Katie Price’s daughter) wearing false eyelashes and lip gloss and Suri Cruise (Katie Holme’s daughter) wearing bold red lipstick.

The Sun asked two child experts whether they thought the pictures were pretty or perverse.

Jan Cosgrove, the National Secretary for ‘Fair Play for Children’ charity said, “From our point of view, children love dressing up – it’s healthy and they love to do it!”

Jan’s colleague, Lisa Allen, the child protection services worker for Fairplay also commented:

“Mums play with children and they do things like that, so if it’s a game between a mother and a child I don’t think there’s too much to worry about.”

Celebrity psychologist Dr Linda Papadopolous said:

“We need to be aware that if children go out dressed in clothing meant for women then other people may project onto the kid the idea that they are older – and that’s potentially really dangerous. We’re promoting only one way for them to have self-esteem and that’s for them to look pretty”

As a make up artist in Manchester my view is that make up is fun and it’s there to be experimented with! I have done plenty of makeovers on ladies with little girls and put a touch of lip gloss on them, just to give them some attention too. I don’t agree with young school girls wearing lots of foundation, because often they don’t have any skin imperfections to hide so they don’t need to wear it.

What do you think? You can check out the pictures for yourself here… Let the comments begin! x

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