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Makeup Tips To Help You Pull Off A Bright Lip This Summer

If you fancy a new makeup look this summer an easy way is to go for a bright shade. Your skin tone will determine which shade of lipstick will suit you, for instance if you have a warm skin tone try a bright shade of coral and if you have a fair skin tone buy a bright shade of pink. It’s lovely to see a bright lip on a client, not everyone feels confident wearing a red lipstick but you’ll definitely be able to find the right shade of coral or pink for you. To get an idea of how the colour will look place it on your hand and hold it up to your lips.

If your busy and don’t have a lot of time to spend on your makeup in the morning or if your going on holiday and want to spend more time in the sun, apply a long lasting lipstick to your lips. It will brighten up your face and some clients say that they feel more alive as soon as they have their lipstick on!

There are some great products on the market, you don’t have to spend a fortune as a makeup artist in Manchester I have a kit full of different lipstick however two of my favourites are Giorgio Armani ‘Lip Maestro’ £25 and Loreal ‘GlamShine Stain Splash’ £7.99.



Top 5 tips;

  1. To get used to wearing the bright colours, apply it with your finger first to gradually build up the colour. Then once you’re used to it apply more with a lip brush as it will allow you to perfect the shape in the corners and around your cupid bow better
  2. Hydrate your lips with plenty of lip balm to avoid the lipstick flaking, you could also exfoliate your lips using your tooth brush in the morning
  3. If you prefer your mouth to look fuller apply a dot of lipgloss to the centre of your mouth, remember that it won’t last quite as long if you go for glossy lips so you will need to touch it up
  4. To ensure the lip colour ties in with your makeup look go for a blusher the same colour as your lip. A pink blusher with a coral lip will detract and won’t work as well as a peach tone on your cheeks
  5. To avoid any lipstick transferring to your teeth blot with a tissue or place your index finger in your mouth and move it around for a couple of seconds

Go on girls be bold!

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