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Makeup Tips For Contact Lens Wearers

I get asked alot by contact lens wearers for make up advice on how they should apply their eye make up. So here are some useful hints and tips along with a few suggestions of suitable products.

1. Check the ingredients of the make up, go for one that is hypoallergenic such as No7 ‘Sensitive Eyes’ Mascara, which has no carbon bits inside. It’s tested by Opthamologist’s and comes in Black/Brown Black (£11)

2. Ask one of tbe Make up Artists or Beauty Consultants to test the products on you to ensure they will not irriate your eyes before you buy them.

3. When applying your makeup start with your eyes. If you have dry eyes and need to use eye drops, it’s a good idea to apply your make up after you have put your lenses in.

4. Stick to cream eye shadows and use shades such as purple/green and blend with a lighter shade to enhance your brow bone.

5. Add waterproof eyeliner around the rims of your upper and lower lashes, Clarins have a gentle and long lasting one (£14).

5. Finish by applying your make up base and blusher. Use pressed powder rather than loose to ensure it does not get into your eyes.

As a make up artist in Manchester I know it’s important to take your lenses out before removing your eye make up! x

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