Valentines Day Make Up!

Valentines day is less than a week away! To help you get in the mood for LOVE here are my 5 top tips for goregous Valentines Day Make up!

1, First start with Urban Decay ‘Eye shadow Primer Potion’ (£11.50) sweep a nude eyeshadow with added sparkle onto your eyelid. Try Urban Decay’s in ‘Midnight Cowboy Rides Again’ (£12.50) Highlight your brow bone with Urban Decay eyeshadow in ‘Sin’ (£12.50). If your stuck for present ideas Urban Decay have a Delux Eye shadow palette (£22.50) which looks fab.  Next apply black liquid eyeliner onto your upper eyelashes and finish with your favourite Mascara. I like to use L’oreal ‘Double Extension Carbon Black’ (£10.99)

2,  Turn your attention to your make up base with a dewy foundation and concealor to disquise dark under eye shadows/ blemishes. Apply a highlighter along your cheek bones to enhance your features I bought the No7 ‘Natural Radiance Highlighter’ part of there Spring collection (£13) at the weekend, the texture is fantastic!

3,  Prepare your lips for lots of kissing with Lush ‘Bubble Gum Lip Scrub’ (£4.50) and be bold go for a red lipstick. For paler skin tones choose red’s with a blue under tone and for olive skin types an orange under tone. Apply one coat of lipstick with a lip brush, pat it in with your ring finger. Define your lips with a red lip pencil, blend it into the lip colour before applying another coat of lipstick. For shiny lips add a clear lip gloss to finish.

4, Your nearly there! add some colour to your cheeks with a pink blusher

5,  Finally finish by checking on your brows, groom them up with a brow brush, define your arch and fill in any gaps

Now you just need a LBD!

Enjoy yourself! x