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Sexy Smoky Eye Make Up This Christmas

I’m sure you all have been inundated with party invites this Christmas, as a make up artist in Manchester:
I know I suddenly get a lot of invites to city centre parties over the festive season, so I thought I would give you a few hints on how to create perfect smouldering eyes. It’s very popular and I acheive the look at least a couple of times a week. It suits all skin tones and eye shapes and once mastered looks fabulous all year round.

Here are my top 5 tips for Sexy Smoky Eyes

1, Always apply your eye make up before your make up base. No matter how careful you are, some colour is likely to fall spoiling your flawless finish.

2, First use a eye base, to even out pigmentation on your eye lids. This will ensure the eye shadow sticks to your eye lids and lasts.

3, Apply a medium shade of grey all over the eye lids then create a contour by building up a black eye shadow into the crease of your socket line until you are satisfied with the depth of colour.

4, Dab a thin eyeliner brush onto a cleansing wipe and dip it into your eyeshadow. Apply a thin line under your lower lashes. Smudge the colour in until it looks like a cloud of smoke rather than a harsh line.

5, Add a highlighter below the brow bone to enhance your eyes and now it’s all about the blending. Use a wide brush and circular movements to merge the two colours until the edges disappear.

Finally to finish apply some eyeliner and your favourite mascara. For an alternative, why not have a go at creating smoky eyes with a dark blue or purple eye shadow. Urban Decay have a fantastic range of eyeshadows.
Urban Decay Eyeshadows
Happy Christmas Shopping! x

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