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Autumn Make Up Trends 2013

Autumn 2013 is here and there are some fantastic products on the high street and online to help you achieve make up looks that are bang on trend this season.

It’s time to get artistic with colourful peacock shades of eye shadows, teal and blue are particularly on trend this season. Opt for Urban Decay shadow in ‘Hijack’ (£12.60) sweep the colour onto your eyelids, blend with a clean dry brush in your eye socket and add a dot of gold eye shadow into the inner corner of your eyes. Keep your lashes natural using Lancome ‘Hypnose Mascara’ (£22). Finally create a golden sunkissed finish by dusting Estée Lauder “Bronze Goddess Soft Matte Bronzer” (£21.50) onto your forehead, nose and cheekbones. As a makeup artist in Manchester I’m still paying special attention to eye brows, making sure they are well groomed and well defined, try not to over pluck as full eye brows are here to stay!


Makeup bases were the main focus with matt complexions and played down blusher featuring on the Autumn/Winter 2013 catwalks. Keep hold of your gel or liquid liners as black vintage flicks are still very much on trend. Bring the look together with a lipstick using Giorgio Armani ‘Rouge D’Armani in Pink 500’ (£25). To finish, go for Chanel Le Blush Creme ‘Inspiration’ (£27), which fits perfectly.

For an alternative classic red carpet look, which never tires and always looks fabulous, keep the eyes natural using Bourjois Little Round Pot Eyeshadow in ‘Beige Rose’ (£5.99) To complement the look smudge a black kohl eyeliner across your lower lash line with lashings of mascara. Place the focus onto your lips, go for it with stained berry lips using Bobbi Brown ‘Rose Berry’ (£19) and to finish define your cheekbones with Bare Minerals Blusher in ‘True’ (£19)

If you love following fashion designer’s makeup trends and would like more hints and tips Vogue is a great source, you’ll find the link here.

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Makeup Tips To Help You Pull Off A Bright Lip This Summer

If you fancy a new makeup look this summer an easy way is to go for a bright shade. Your skin tone will determine which shade of lipstick will suit you, for instance if you have a warm skin tone try a bright shade of coral and if you have a fair skin tone buy a bright shade of pink. It’s lovely to see a bright lip on a client, not everyone feels confident wearing a red lipstick but you’ll definitely be able to find the right shade of coral or pink for you. To get an idea of how the colour will look place it on your hand and hold it up to your lips.

If your busy and don’t have a lot of time to spend on your makeup in the morning or if your going on holiday and want to spend more time in the sun, apply a long lasting lipstick to your lips. It will brighten up your face and some clients say that they feel more alive as soon as they have their lipstick on!

There are some great products on the market, you don’t have to spend a fortune as a makeup artist in Manchester I have a kit full of different lipstick however two of my favourites are Giorgio Armani ‘Lip Maestro’ £25 and Loreal ‘GlamShine Stain Splash’ £7.99.



Top 5 tips;

  1. To get used to wearing the bright colours, apply it with your finger first to gradually build up the colour. Then once you’re used to it apply more with a lip brush as it will allow you to perfect the shape in the corners and around your cupid bow better
  2. Hydrate your lips with plenty of lip balm to avoid the lipstick flaking, you could also exfoliate your lips using your tooth brush in the morning
  3. If you prefer your mouth to look fuller apply a dot of lipgloss to the centre of your mouth, remember that it won’t last quite as long if you go for glossy lips so you will need to touch it up
  4. To ensure the lip colour ties in with your makeup look go for a blusher the same colour as your lip. A pink blusher with a coral lip will detract and won’t work as well as a peach tone on your cheeks
  5. To avoid any lipstick transferring to your teeth blot with a tissue or place your index finger in your mouth and move it around for a couple of seconds

Go on girls be bold!

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Tom Ford Make Up Launch For Men Coming Soon….!

Fashion Designer Tom Ford launched his make up products in Manchester’s Selfridges stores in September 2011. Since then the products have been so successful that he has decided to launch skin care and make up especially for men!

The collection will be available to buy in the Autumn and will include ‘nine multifunctional skin-care and grooming products, including a cleanser, moisturiser, eye cream, purifying mud mask, concealor and bronzing gel’

make up artist manchester

Tom Ford thinks ‘beauty is a potent way for a woman to transform herself, makeup, skincare & fragrance have the potential to enable a real woman to become as glamorous & as inspirational as she can possibly be’

As a make up artist in Manchester I regularly apply make up to perfect mens skin tones, hide redness with tinted moisturiser, cover blemishes with concealor, powder to absorb oily skin, non glossy lip balm and warm up the skin tone with bronzor for photo shoots. I think it’s great when men take pride in there appearance, I know myself and my clients feel much more confident when wearing make up so it’s only fair men should have the option too. Personally I’d be a bit concerened if my husband came home with smokey eyes, I wouldn’t have a problem with him wearing bronzer and I know for a fact he’s pinched my concealor in the past.

Tom Ford isn’t alone as the market’s growing bigger, it’s now more socially acceptable for men to wear foundation and eyeliner. YSL launched an unfragranced ‘Touche Eclat’ for men in 2008, Illamasqua products are designed for both men and women, then earlier this year Marc Jacobs teamed with Sephora to create a range of unisex products.

If you’re interested in Mens gromming you’ll love this demonstration by LA based M.A.C. Make Up Artist – John. He recommends products and offers tips while he creates a natural make up look on himself. To view the video click here.

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Make Up Artist Tester Warnings & Advise When Shopping For Make Up!

I read a story this week about a waitress who has claimed that she contracted herpes from a MAC lipstick endorsed by Rihanna at one of the singer’s concerts. Starkeema Greenidge, 28, developed mouth sores after a MAC Cosmetics representative applied the ‘RiRi Woo’ lipstick on her at a pop-up counter as she attended a show in Brooklyn, New York.According to Greenidge, when she asked if the lipstick tester was clean, the woman replied, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Two days later, Greenidge developed a cold sore on her lip and her doctor diagnosed it as herpes. She is now suing MAC, which launched Rihanna’s lipstick in May, after she suffered emotional distress and a loss of earnings.

Make Up Tester Warnings

There are potential dangers of trying make up testers because they can become contaminated with bacteria and viruses which can cause you to potentially contract infections, break outs or herpes. As a Make Up Artist in Manchester I know how important hygeine is, I always use antibacterial wash and brush cleaner in front of a client to reassure them that my brushes are clean. I wouldn’t use a lipstick from the bullet and I always use two disposible mascara wands to avoid dippling and lipgloss applicators at all times. I shop in department stores and always want to try a product before I apply it to check the pigment quality and the shade. However I wouldn’t apply a lipstick or eyeliner without seeing it sanatised first and the eyeliner sharpened. I would also advise that you never test a product if the counter looks dirty or if you had just seen a customer apply it.

never test a lipstick straight from the bullet

5 Tips On How To Play It Safe Before Trying A Make Up Tester

  1. When I worked a make up counter we used to scrape the top of the lipstick off every night, check for signs of this
  2. Powders and eye shadows are least likely to become contaminated because there not moist, you can still brush the top layer off lightly with a tissue for peace of mind.
  3. Shop in the morning as the counter and products will have been cleaned the night before and there won’t have been lots of people touching it,
  4. Unless you’re getting a shade match for foundation/concealor I recommend that you test the product on the back of your hand
  5. Ensure the make up artist uses a hand sanitiser before applying any products with their fingers,
  6. Avoid testing skincare products if they don’t have a lid and ask for a sample so you can try it at home.
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BB Creams Vs CC Creams – Which One’s Right For You?

It’s likely you will have heard of and even purchased a BB cream (Blemish or Beauty Balm) and you may have recently discovered CC creams (Colour or Complexion Control). Many cosmetic brands have recently launched CC creams, I’ve seen lots advertised this month. If you’re not clear on what the difference is between them in simply terms,

Definition of BB and CC Creams

BB creams were originally formulated in Germany, as a skincare product that you use on top of your moisturiser every morning after your skin care routine before you apply your foundation. The benefits of using a BB cream is that it contains anti-ageing properties and UV protection. Where as a CC was developed in Korea, they still contain skin care properties, it also helps to correct uneven skin tone or redness. CC creams offer more coverage similar to a tinted moisturiser with more norishing properties. Depending on how much coverage you like, you could use them alone or instead of a primer under your foundation. Now you might be thinking which one if for me?

How To Decide Whether To Buy a BB or CC Cream

Many women who have fair or olive complexions feel that as a BB Cream is available in only a few shades that it’s hard to blend into their skin tone. If you like a natural coverage rather than a heavy foundation it would be better value for money to use a BB Cream. However if you are more concerned about your skin and you have little time to apply your make up in the morning I’d recommend that you use a CC Cream because it has all the benefits of a BB cream, with better coverage to disguise dark spots and imperfections. Because CC Creams are thicker I’d recommend that if you have an oily complextion that a BB cream would be better for you, as it will help to absorb shine.

My favourite BB and CC Creams

As a make up artist in Manchester I have a few in my kit however the one that I use the most and recommend to my clients is Kiehls ‘Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream’ (£23.50) I like it because it contains SPF 50, is suitable for sensitive skin, smells amazing and always blends in well.

If you have never tried one before L’oreal are giving away free samples of their Nude Magique CC Cream. It’s great as you can pick between 3 products, green to neturalise redness, apricot to revive tired skin and mauve to transform dullness. To register and receive your free sample click here.

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How To Book A Bridal Make Up Artist & Save Money!

For most brides their wedding gown and bridal make up are the most important aspects of how they look on their big day. Whether you have decided to use the services of a bridal make up artist or to create your own make up look there are ways to save money.


6 Tips To Help You Save Money When Booking A Bridal Make Up Artist

It’s key to book a make up artist who is qualified and at the same time you don’t need to spend a fortune.

  1. Ask your bridal make up artist to offer you a discount if you are paying for your bridesmaids make up too
  2. If your make up artist travel costs are expensive you could go to them on the day of the trial or wedding day
  3. Book your make up artist to create your eye make up and lips, reducing time spent on the day
  4. Offer to provide your own make up, this saves the make up artists kit
  5. Contact your local college and see if the tutor could recommend a student
  6. Ask for a discount in return for your wedding photos to be added to their portfolio

Alternatively you could ask for free samples on make up counters or a complimentary make up lesson, this means you would have time to practice and ultimately be confident with your skills on your wedding day.



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Celebrity Make Up Artist Insights Revealed

Kirsten Stewart, the star of Twilight and Snow White & The Huntsmans make up look is low maintenance. She has an effortless natural beauty and always looks fabulous at red carpet events. Her make up looks are classic, usually focused on the eye with a subtle smoky brown or grey.


Her makeup artist, Jillian Dempsey, recently revealed  to InStyle Magazine that “Kristen will never beg me to do a red lip.” She then went on to discuss her make up base. “She doesn’t like to conceal her freckles, so we do a very sheer application of makeup.” Unlike some celebrities who love to sun bathe and use tanning products, Kirsten Stewart always embraces her porcelain complexion and I love that her make up artist doesn’t follow the trends with a bright Hollywood Red Lip every time. As a professional make up artist in Manchester I always spend time looking at my clients before starting their make up because it isn’t about applying as much make up as I can, it’s about selecting products that fit perfectly and using them to enhance features.  If you fancy creating her make up look this weekend, you will need a brown eyeshadow, soft kohl eyeliner, a glossy pink lipstick, a subtle pink blusher and a volumising black mascara.

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Spring Make Up Trends 2013

Spring 2013 is here and there are some fantastic products on the high street and online to help you achieve make up looks, that are bang on trend this season. Creating a dewy flawless base is essential for this season. Must have products are radiance enhancing foundations, under eye concealors and highlighters. As a make up artist in Manchester it’s important that I’m always aware of up coming make up trends. I love my clients to have knowledge of what’s in for the season too so I have put together a few key make up looks, alongside product suggestions.

It’s time to get artistic, glamorous bright matt lipstick is particularly on trend this season. Opt for a suble Eyeshadow using Daniel Sandle Eye Delight ‘Peach'(£10.25) Sweep the colour onto your eyelids and then blend with a paler nude highlighter eyeshadow to enhance your brow bone. Use a clean dry brush and blend again to make sure there are no harsh lines where the shades start and finish. Then, go for a pink lipstain using Armani Maestro’503’ (£25.00) Finally create a golden sunkissed finish by dusting Estée Lauder ‘Bronze Goddess Soft Matte Bronzer’ (£21.50) onto your forehead, nose and cheekbones.

For an alternative look Diane von Furstenberg models make up emphasis was on the lower lash line. Go for a soft kohl so you don’t drag your eye such as Tom Ford Eye Defining Pencil in ‘Onyx’ (£25.00). Follow on by placing the focus onto your brows using Benefit Brow Zing Shaping Kit (£22.50) To complement the look; define your cheekbones with Bare Minerals Blusher in ‘True’ (£19) and finish with two coats of your favourite mascara.

Eyes were full impact on the Spring 2013 catwalks with metallic silver smoky eyes in particular as featured by Chanel. You can create an amazing result using a cream eye shadow apply Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in ‘Mercury’ (£18). For an ultra feminine touch apply false lashes using Shu Uemura Black Leux (£13) Keep the look fresh and bring it together with a pink lipgloss using Lancome Juicy Tube in ’Marshmallo Electro’ (£15.50). To finish, go for Chanel Powder Blush ‘Rose Cache’ (£30), which fits perfectly.

Fancy a new look for spring, have you been wearing the same make up for years? I can create a look especially for you, whilst spending time offering advice on products/tools, picking out suitable shades and providing expert application hints and tips. To arrange a booking get in touch or call me on 07847 826 824.

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Winter Make Up Trends And Tips Using White Eyeliner

I think you’d agree that we are all used to applying black and brown eyeliners. In the winter season I use a white eyeliner from my kit more and more. Alot of my clients want me to create a wide eyed make up look, to achieve this I apply white eyeliner along their lower and upper water line. Black eyeliner makes eyes look smaller compared to white which does the opposite as it extends from the white of your eye ball. If you don’t have a white eyeliner you could try Rimmel Soft Khol Kajal White Eye Pencil (£2.99).

White Eyeliner Top 5 Tips

  1. Before you apply the eyeliner make sure that you sharpen the pencil for hygeine reasons
  2. Warm it up on the back of your hand so that the end is not sharpe.
  3. It will be easy for you to to line your waterline if you wear contacts as you are used to having something close to your eye.  Rest your elbow and try to look straight in the mirror, take your time and use small strokes
  4. If like me you love enhancing your upper lids with black eyeliner, simply apply the white eyeliner to your lower lash line. Avoid mixing white and black as the effect won’t look clean
  5. Finally smudge it into your tear duct to disguise any redness, especially if you are tired. Easy to do with a cotton bud or a small eye shadow brush.

You could also apply the white eyeliner to the top of your cupid bow to enhance your lips, if you love picking up make up tips or learning how to apply make up like a professional make up artist, why not book an individual make up lesson in Manchester, perfect to ask for as a christmas present or for some pampering in the New Year!

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How To Create Realistic Gory Scar Wounds This Halloween!

If you fancy doing something different and going all out with your halloween make up looks this year. One of the best ways is to create scar wounds.

The most cost effective method is to use liquid latex, which is made of rubber, ammonia and water. It comes in a wide range of colours. It’s been around for years and as a makeup artist in Manchester I’ve used it many times, ensure that you don’t use it if you think you might be allergic to latex. If you’ve never bought it before, you should be able to get hold of it in most fancy dress shops or online. There are various types of scars I’ve put togeher a few hints and tips on how to create a quick indented scar, which can occur as a result of acne or chicken poxs.

5 Easy Steps To Create An Indented Halloween Scar

  1. Decide where you want your scar to be, i usually paint some latex onto the skin on my clients cheek with a cotton bud
  2. Allow the latex to dry, depending on the room temperature it should dry within 2 minutes
  3. Pinch the skin together, allowing the latex to stick to itself and form a scar.
  4. Next apply loose translucent power
  5. Finally add a darker shade of foundation to your skin tone and a few drops of red food colouring for the full effect

You can find more information here, in the mean time have a frightful halloween!

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