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Top 5 Bridal Makeup Tips For Oily Skin

The wedding season is fast approaching, I’ve been a busy bee this month with bridal makeup trial bookings. Alot of clients book me because they want there makeup base to be completely flawless on there wedding day. Some of my clients have an oily skin type, which is a particular concern because often shine can appear or pores can be enlarged. As a bridal make up in Manchester
I believe it’s really important to absorb shine without taking out the light and radiance from the skin.

Top 5 tips to create make up longevity for a bride with oily skin

1. Apply oil free skin care and make up products, its important to not add extra oil to your skin

Laura Mecier is one brand of oil free primer

Laura Mecier is one brand of oil free primer 

4. Prep with a primer to absorb excess oil and ensure your foundation won’t slide off

3. Avoid cream blushers as they may not show up or sit on your skin as well as powder blushers

If you have oily skin avoid blishers with shimmer

Avoid blushers with which shimmer

4. Don’t apply a highlighter to your nose, chin or upper lip, instead focus on your cheek bones and temple

5. Remember to finish with a pressed matt powder and keep it to hand, pay extra attention to your t-zone

Finally the only other thing I’d recommend is that you book a makeup trial in the morning so you can see if the makeup lasts through out the day. Whether your a bride this year or next year I hope you have a very happy wedding day!

By Emmalene Sophia, Emmalene is a professional makeup artist based in Didsbury, South Manchester. She provides makeup for brides, wedding guests, TV, photoshoots and special occasions, you can find her at Google+, Twitter or Facebook. To book Emmalene, click here.

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New Makeup: YSL ‘Fusion Ink Foundation’ – Free 7 day Trials Available Now!

There’s been a buzz in the beauty industry today about a new foundation that YSL are launching on the 20th August 2014 ‘Fusion Ink’. It offers a medium to full coverage, is ideal for anyone who doesn’t like the feel of foundation on their skin, if you like to build up your coverage it’s ideal as it isn’t thick or dry so won’t go cakey. Another big thing going for it is that it contains volatile oils instead of water and powder like most long wear foundations so it only leaves the pigment on your skin.

I read on Money Saving Expert that as part of the Cara Delevingne marketing campaign they were sampling customers until it’s launch date. I headed to Selfridges to pick one up as it’s a larger store they have been allocated more. I was matched to a B10 as I don’t have a yellow or pink undertone the Beige tone suited my skin tone exactly. I tried the foundation this evening and it did feel light weight on my skin, I applied more around my chin and nose where I have more imperfections and I was happy with the result.

YSL fusion ink foundation

As a makeup artist in Manchester I’ve tested a lot of new foundations and I think this one will be perfect for brides who tend to have a combination/oily skin type. as it is long wearing. It also has has a velvety matte appearance so I wouldn’t need to buff as much powder into the skin to achieve a matte finish. I think it will be a great edition to my kit, and it’s reasonable priced at £30.50. However for any of my clients who prefer a dewy finish or have dry skin I’ll always stick to using Chanel ‘Vitalumiere.’

If you’d like to know a bit more information Vogue have written a review on it, to read it in full head to the site now

Ask the beauty advisor on the counter to demonstrate the shades, the best place to test it is on your  jaw-line, go for the one that disappears into your skin (you might be a slightly warmer shade if you have been on holiday). There are 18 shades available so there will definitely be one that’s right for you and if you love it, pop your name down on the waiting list!

By Emmalene Sophia

Emmalene is a professional makeup artist based in Didsbury, South Manchester. She provides makeup for brides, wedding guests, TV, photoshoots and special occasions, you can find her at Google+, Twitter or Facebook. To book Emmalene, click here.

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Bridal Make Up Artist Trends & Ten Top Tips For Summer 2013

If you’re a bride walking down the aisle in a few months time and you’re not sure what bridal make up to apply for this time of year, think lighter tones and radiant skin. As a bridal make up artist in Manchester, every summer I research products that are on trend for the season. It’s important that you spend time thinking about your bridal make up whether you are booking a bridal make up artist or planning to create your own bridal make up on your wedding day.

bridal make up artist manchester

Ten Top Tips For Stunning Summer Bridal Make Up

  1. Hydrate your lips with a lip balm in the skin care routine to give it plenty of time to soak into your lips
  2. Apply a radiance serum underneath your moisturiser for beautiful skin that will glow
  3. Use an oil free primer that that will correct your skin tone, smooth pores and keep your foundation long lasting, Nars ‘Light Optimizing’ (£25) is perfect for the job. Remember a different primer for your eye lids is also essential
  4. Check you have the correct shade of foundation, don’t go for one that is darker than your skin, unless you are planning on having a spray tan before your wedding day. Try Armani ‘Luminous Silk’ (£32) for beautiful even and natural coverage
  5. I prefer to use eyeshadows that have shimmer in them as they look creamy, I tend to stick to matt eyeshadows in winter. When I go to a bridal trial I wouldn’t be without Urban Decay ‘Ammo Palette’ (£23) Apply a lighter tone to the inner corner of the eye to enhance light and lashings of waterproof mascara
  6. Bronzer looks amazing on summer brides, for a naturally sunkissed look Chanel ‘Bronze Universal’ (£31) is a really good buy, the pot is huge so will last you at least 6 months
  7. Replace powder blusher for a cream blusher such as Daniel Sandler ‘Watercolour Creme Rouge Soft Pink’ £15.50, apply using your fingers to the apples of your cheeks and blend out using your thumb
  8. bridal make up artist manchesterUse an illminating powder unless you have especially oily skin this will enhance your dewy completion and look amazing in photographs, an example is Bare Escentials ‘Mineral Veil’ (£20) available with spf 20
  9. Eyebrows should be well groomed and gaps filled in naturally, a powder is the best product to create this effect with a brow brush, Benefit Brow Zing (£23.50)
  10. Finally i believe glossy lips look fabulous on summer brides I always dot a small amount in the centre of the mouth, this doesn’t dislodge all of the lipstick and creates a fuller pout

If you have any questions about bridal make up or products that I haven’t mentioned, let me know! x

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How To Book A Bridal Make Up Artist & Save Money!

For most brides their wedding gown and bridal make up are the most important aspects of how they look on their big day. Whether you have decided to use the services of a bridal make up artist or to create your own make up look there are ways to save money.


6 Tips To Help You Save Money When Booking A Bridal Make Up Artist

It’s key to book a make up artist who is qualified and at the same time you don’t need to spend a fortune.

  1. Ask your bridal make up artist to offer you a discount if you are paying for your bridesmaids make up too
  2. If your make up artist travel costs are expensive you could go to them on the day of the trial or wedding day
  3. Book your make up artist to create your eye make up and lips, reducing time spent on the day
  4. Offer to provide your own make up, this saves the make up artists kit
  5. Contact your local college and see if the tutor could recommend a student
  6. Ask for a discount in return for your wedding photos to be added to their portfolio

Alternatively you could ask for free samples on make up counters or a complimentary make up lesson, this means you would have time to practice and ultimately be confident with your skills on your wedding day.



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Wedding Make up Nightmares!

Just watched Fridays episode of my favourite programme; ‘Don’t tell the bride’. Vikki (the bride) has her wedding make up applied by a make up artist, but with no trial run before-hand! Unfortunately, she get’s upset because she doesn’t like it which emphasises the importance of having a pre-wedding day session. You can check out the rest of Vikki’s big day on iplayer here.

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